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Big crystals born out of expert craftsmanship infuse a burst of sweetness in your cooking and dessert making.

Fine Grain Sugar
Fine Grain Sugar

The quick-dissolving finer crystals let you create memorable beverages and baking experiences.

Experience sweetness with 5S Guarantee

Pure. Hygienic. Untouched.

At madhur sugar, we celebrate the sweetness of life itself. As India’s
leading sugar brand, we present to you pure and hygienic sugar to add
joy to the little moments of everyday life.

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Madhur Testimonials


As Moms, we constantly monitor hygiene habits of our children and family members. We always buy the most trusted brands for the ingredients like salt, aata, oil, which already have made a shift from loose to packaged. Then why not Sugar? We always see that in General stores and even the air conditioned supermarkets are not covering the loose sugar, which even attracts insects, dust & flies, especially during monsoons and strangely no one seems to mind..


With festivities around the corner, he's gonna be indulging in his favorite sweets all the time . . Well, apart from ensuring he brushes his teeth twice a day, I'm also making sure that the quality of the sugar I use is the best. Hence I have said a complete no no to loose sugar, as it's very unhygienic and am switching to @madhursugar.official which is made from a Sulphur free process and is completely untouched by hand. . . . Is your kid high on sugar too during festivities?


Gajar ka Halwa. Jitni dieting Karlo, Gajar ka halwa toh kabhi bhi kha lenge. When I make Gajar ka halwa, I make sure to use packaged sugar instead of loose sugar and my best buy is @madhursugar.official


fine grain sugar

Madhur - Pure & Hygienic Sugar