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Assurance of Shuddh

Every touch of sugar brings smiles. So, we handpick the best quality sugarcane to let the natural sweet flavours linger on your tongue and memories for long.

Safety of Sulphur-free

Thanks to our promise of stringent quality control and sulphur-free refining process, your sugar syrup never turns yellow and you’re safe from consuming any sulphur.

Surprise of Samaan

Every grain of Madhur Sugar is just like the others in the pack. Our expert craftsmanship ensures that every spoonful is consistent in purity, size and sweetness.

Delight of Safed

White at heart and incredibly bright on the outside. The big, shiny, white grains of Madhur Sugar not only pack a burst of sweetness but are a visual delight. The next best thing to a diamond.

Promise of Surakshit

The big grain size is big on safety as well. The entire process from plant to kitchen is hands-free and hygienic, led by advanced technology conforming to international standards.

Fill your life with sweetness and joy.

Sulphur-free Process

Available in

  • 500gm
  • 1kg
  • 2kg
  • 5kg
  • 25kg

Indulge into a new flavour of pure sweetness.

fine grain sugar


fine grain sugar

Madhur - Pure & Hygienic Sugar