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Put to test Home and Rated 4.6 / 5

Put to test Home and Rated 4.6 / 5

Put to test Home and Rated 4.6 / 5.

Madhur Testimonials

It is the love and trust of our fans that keep us going! Here are some moments of faith and sweetness shared by our Madhur Sugar users.


Festival season is here and many of us will be making a lot of sweets this season. Few years back, I used to buy loose sugar to make all these sweets from a local store. But then I read how often loose sugar is exposed to contaminants, impurities and is handled with unclean hands. That’s when I moved to buying packaged sugar from trusted brands. These days I am using Madhur Sugar which is made from a sulphur free process, it’s hygienic and made using superior sugarcane.


As Moms, we constantly monitor hygiene habits of our children and family members. We always buy the most trusted brands for the ingredients like salt, aata, oil, which already have made a shift from loose to packaged. Then why not Sugar? We always see that in General stores and even the air conditioned supermarkets are not covering the loose sugar, which even attracts insects, dust & flies, especially during monsoons and strangely no one seems to mind..


With festivities around the corner, he's gonna be indulging in his favorite sweets all the time . . Well, apart from ensuring he brushes his teeth twice a day, I'm also making sure that the quality of the sugar I use is the best. Hence I have said a complete no no to loose sugar, as it's very unhygienic and am switching to @madhursugar.official which is made from a Sulphur free process and is completely untouched by hand. . . . Is your kid high on sugar too during festivities?


Festival season is all here and without sweets there is no festival. I am going to celebrate this festival with home made #desserts like kheer and halwa because by that way I can always keep the check on our sugar intake; after all we are focusing towards loosing some kgs. But keeping check on sugar quantity intake is not enough, I am also more conscious about the sugar's purity and always getting sulphur free sugar.


Gajar ka Halwa. Jitni dieting Karlo, Gajar ka halwa toh kabhi bhi kha lenge. When I make Gajar ka halwa, I make sure to use packaged sugar instead of loose sugar and my best buy is @madhursugar.official


In this new normal, we are relooking at every aspect of our lives. Let's unlock new ways of picking our essentials, let's take control of our lifestyle & choose better for ourselves.


Enjoy Motichoor ladoo’s especially prepared by me using Madhur Sugar which is pure, hygienic and made from sulphur-free process and the good thing about it is it’s completely untouched by hand. #LooseNahiMadhurSahi @madhursugar.official #MadhurSugar


"I have been a #MadhurSugar consumer for a while and my belief in them gets further re-enforced when I see them not only following the strict guidelines but also following the safety protocols." #UntouchedByHands #LooseNahiMadhurSahi #sugar #sweettooth #lifestyle #delhincr


Kya aap jante hain that #MadhurSugar follows safety protocols very seriously. It is packaged in sanitized conditions and completely #UntouchedByHands ensuring the quality and safety of its users. I now rely on #Madhur Sugar, what about you. #MadhurSugar #UntouchedByHands #LooseNahiMadhurSahi @madhursugar.official


Dinner ke baad meetha toh banta hai! Thank you @madhursugar.official for bringing sweet ending to my day. #MadhurSugar #UntouchedByHands #LooseNahiMadhurSahi


The times are tough, the times are crazy, the only sanity that I have is when I see my child smiling. As a mother and as the lady of the house, the responsibility of keeping everyone safe falls on my shoulders and I have stopped compromising on the safety of my family. Be it about social distancing or food, I am very particular on following the set norms and practices. That's how I moved to packaged sugar which is safe and gives me a peace of mind!!! #madhursugar #untouchedbyhands #loosenahimadh


I have a sweet tooth, and at a moment's notice can always make some Suji ka Halwa, and I do not like sharing #MadhurSugar #UntouchedByHands #LooseNahiMadhurSahi


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