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Madhur Sugar and a Pinch of Nostalgia: Easy Recipes of your Childhood Favourite Desserts


Madhur Sugar and a Pinch of Nostalgia: Easy Recipes of your Childhood Favourite Desserts

We all seem to burst out after indulging in a hearty meal but magically a little space is left to accommodate our favorite desserts. If you are a sweet tooth you will meltdown at the thought of relishing those hot gulab jamuns or kulfi. The desserts are the perfect way to give an ending note whether it’s a luncheon or dinner party.

Our childhood stories seem incomplete without narrating the tales of the yearnings for a specified sweet. When the cravings hit we love to have our favorite desserts. It has been ages since these traditional recipes have brought glory to the culinary affair.

So, let’s delve into some easy recipes of your childhood favorite desserts. Surely, you will get a slice of nostalgia after reading it.

Easy Recipes of your Childhood Favourite Desserts

  • Gulab Jamun

These deep-fried golden balls can never go wrong when it comes to taking the first bite.  The wedding menu’s favorite gulab jamun is made from the adequate mixing of khoya and flour. The round balls are then slowly fried to get the beautiful golden tinge.

Finally, the balls are dipped in saffron-induced sugar syrup to serve it hot. Surprisingly, this all-time preferred dessert can also be prepared easily at home.

See how to make it with Madhur:

  • Gajar ka Halwa

The popular Indian dessert Gawar ka Halwa is sure to make your winters more delightful. It includes a blend of seasonal carrots, milk, and sugar that are slow-cooked in a medium flame. To make it an extravagant affair, it is loaded with pure desi ghee that makes it rich in both flavors and aroma.

This sweet dish is extremely healthy being prepared from carrots that are filled with beta-carotene that blocks the UV rays. Garnish this ultimate dessert with cashews, pistachio, and raisins.

See how to make it with Madhur :

  • Sandesh

This quintessential Bengali dessert made from fresh cottage cheese is popular throughout the streets of West Bengal. Sandesh is a super hot Bengali delicacy that is made especially for the festive season and special occasions. The chena or cottage cheese is kneaded to get a smooth textured dough.

It is further blended with khoya and sugar and mixed with cardamom and saffron. It is then refrigerated to set and cut into pieces for the final serving. 

  • Modak

It will be a crime if we don’t include Lord Ganesha’s favorite dish Modak. This Maharashtrian dessert is quite popular across the country and is mainly consumed during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. This sweet flour dumpling is stuffed with coconut, jaggery, nutmeg, and saffron.

This rich steamed dessert appeals to the taste buds of many with its enhanced flavors. The best thing is that you can even experiment with the stuffing items.

See how to make it with Madhur :

  • Kaju ki Barfi

This dessert recipe is surely the childhood favorite of many. It is typically exchanged as a sweet gift by many people during special occasions and festive seasons. This exemplary Indian sweet is pretty easy even to prepare at home.

Get a blend of milk and cashews and add sugar to the concoction. Stir the mixture at a low heat and give it a nice boil till the sugar completely dissolves. Cool it down and add silver leaves and finally cut them into diamond shapes.

See how to make it with Madhur :

  • Shahi Tukda

The royal Mughlai dessert straight from the culinary kitchens of Hyderabadi Nizams is sure to soak your heart into sweetness. This 19th-century cuisine is believed to be invented in a way to utilize the leftover pieces of bread. It requires deep frying the pieces of bread in desi ghee to make it aromatic.

Finally, it can be served with a sugar syrup made with saffron or cardamon. Another idea is to use condensed milk and garnish it with dry fruits. You can have it both ways that enrich the flavors.

  • Kulfi

This sinfully rich dessert is a must-have for many in their childhood. This recipe is another hot favorite that is brought from the Mughlai culinary delights. This frozen dessert is popular for having a dense, creamy, and nutty texture.

The milk is typically boiled down to its half and is again reduced by adding sugar and saffron. Cardamom powder and nuts are also added to bring richness. Lastly, it gets frozen to serve chilled.

  • Fruit Cake

This traditional winter cake is a cake lover’s delight. It has been around several hundred years dating back to the period of Romans. This family’s favorite Christmas cake is loaded with walnuts, raisins, cherries, cashews, and apricots.

In the flour mixture of the cake, all the ingredients are evenly distributed and set on the oven to get the cake. It is then sliced into pieces before being ready to serve.

  • Payasam

The rice milk pudding is popular all over the Indian subcontinent and the South Indians have their own version known as payasam. This dessert is held auspicious for different festive celebrations and special occasions including onam. It is often served as prasadam in various temples of the country.

This creamy and luscious rice and milk pudding are often served with raisins and cashews. There are even variations available in payasam prepared from moong dal and coconut. When it comes to a heartful indulgence, it requires no reason to prepare this simple dessert.

  • Malai Ghewar

Ghewar is a traditional heritage sweet dish prepared in the royal state of Rajasthan. The disc-shaped quintessential dish celebrates the festival of Teej and Raksha Bandhan following the auspicious month of August. This sweet is made from a batter of flour, milk, and desi ghee.

The fried Ghewar is then poured in the warm caramelized sugar. Later it is served with condensed milk enhanced with ingredients like cardamom powder and saffron. It is finally decorated with dry nuts and silver leaves.

Bottom Lines

There is nothing better than preparing easy dessert recipes at home. We have enumerated some of the popular ready-to-make desserts that you can quickly have in no time.

Though it takes a bit of effort and motivation, it’s totally worth making them at home. It takes you back in the memory lanes of childhood nostalgia.


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