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How Madhur Sugar helps you Improve your thinking skills with an extra surge of sweetness


How Madhur Sugar helps you Improve your thinking skills with an extra surge of sweetness

Most of us think that sugar can have a harmful consequence on our diet and lifestyle. This pre-conceived notion is due to the fact that we only discuss the downsides of sugar. However, much to our surprise, a healthy diet that sustains well-being and productivity includes sugar. 

The primary fuel glucose that our body requires comes from the breakdown of sugar. After consumption, the body instantly splits apart the molecules, and insulin transports the glucose to the cells. Further, this glucose is metabolized and converted into energy. 

Indeed, glucose helps to develop the stamina we need for everyday activity and holiday festivities. Though, we should be careful not to include too much sugar as it can have several negative health effects. 

So, this article is meant to burst all those fallacies and bring facts to our readers. We will be discussing how adequate consumption of sugar can improve your thinking skills and mental abilities. 

Benefits of Sugar in Improving Thinking Skills and Mental Abilities

  • Sugar Gives You an Immediate Burst of Energy

It’s time to admit the reality that a moderate amount of sugar inclusion in the diet is excellent for supporting productivity in lifestyle. Our body requires fuel to burn and perform various activities in life. Glucose is the primary source of fuel in the body, and it is released from the breakdown of sugar particles. 

Insulin is the hormone that is created by the beta cells in the pancreas. When our body consumes sugar, the beta cells trigger the pancreas to produce insulin within the body. It then travels through the bloodstream and allows the body to absorb the glucose. 

Sugar produces energy, keeping our body balanced for carrying out various functions. It makes us stay alive, work, play, perform and even enable us to sleep. Your brain function also enhances with the burst of energy. So, there is no question to neglect the role of sugar. 

  • Sugar can Instantly Enhance Your Mood Levels

A surge of sweetness received through sweet desserts helps increasing our happiness quotient. There is no surprise that sugar plays an essential role in transforming our moods. Two sweet receptor genes in the body enable us to identify our sweet tooth cravings. 

Irrespective of the genes, our body system is programmed to like the taste of sugar. It energizes the pleasure centre in our brain and provides a flow of dopamine. An increased dopamine level is a reward hormone that elevates your memory function and makes you feel lively and energetic. 

However, you need to be vigilant regarding the quantity of sugar you are intaking. Too much of a good thing can actually have a reversing effect on your health. You will eventually end up blaming sugar for all your miseries. 

In case, you are a habitual overindulger, create a willpower sheet and track your daily consumption of sugar. This will keep you within the safety thresholds. 

  • Sweets Like Chocolate Can Boost Your Thinking Skills

Sweet dessert-like chocolate comprises numerous healthy components. With every bite, you are assured of having the goodness of antioxidants filled with cocoa flavanols. Today, many research claims that cocoa flavanols can enhance cognitive functions and abilities. 

Further, studies in Italy revealed that it also boosts thinking skills despite the person having ailments of cognitive impairments. Research also found the particular reason of what actually contributes to acute thinking skills. It was the flavanols that protect the brain against cell damages and fostered connections between brain cells. 

For improved brain cognitive functions, it is preferable to select dark chocolates that include the highest quantity of cocoa flavanols. For an added surge of taste and flavour get a combination of dark chocolate having flavanols infused with berries. 

  • Little Addition Sugar is Good for Your Diet

When you add a little quantity of sugar usually it provides a healthy addition to your diet. With conventional myths, we believe that natural sources of sugar are only detrimental to health. This is not true as sucrose available in naturally found fruits and vegetables can also be obtained from home’s sugar. 

Home’s table sugar also contributes to the sucrose that helps in promotes several functions in the body. There is no serious health consequence if you are careful about your sugar consumption. A small quantity of sugar enriches the taste and flavour of many nutritious foods like whole grains, yoghurts, and breakfast cereals.  

  • Sugar Also Helps Store Energy for Later Use

If you look beyond the immediate spike in energy, sugar is also beneficial in the long run. After the body instantly uses the glucose for energy, it reserves some of the glucose for further energy use. This process is known as glycogenesis. 

In the glycogen chain, all the glucose molecules are connected together. This glucose chain then splits down every single glucose unit where no primary source of energy is left. This glycogenic process is remarkably beneficial for us to manage extended stretches without eating. 

It comes in handy at times when we are without food and gets occupied with other activities. Even during those activities and works, we are able to make decisions using our thinking abilities. However, be mindful not to get excess sugar because when the storage limit surpasses the glucose gets stored as fats. 

  • Sugar Acts As a Stress Buster

Interestingly, it is found that 80% of people look out for sweets when they feel stressed. Researches also back the fact that introducing sugar also switched off the stress response by lowering the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. It also found in a two-week testing period that sugar outperformed the artificial sweetener groups. 

It’s safe to conclude that sugar balances your stress and anxiety levels at works. You can think with more clarity when you are free from stress. Though, don’t make it a point of addiction. 

Final Thoughts

Despite having benefits for thinking skills and enhanced energy levels, precautions need to be taken to avoid overconsumption. That will do more damage to your health than good. So, a normal person’s intake needs to be 8-10 teaspoons per day. 

Avoid indulgence if you are having health ailments like cardiac troubles, diabetes, and hypertension. 


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