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Go the traditional route or try something new this Holi: 8 unique desserts made with Madhur Sugar you need to try this year


Go the traditional route or try something new this Holi: 8 unique desserts made with Madhur Sugar you need to try this year

What makes your Holi memorable is playing with vibrant colours, water guns, and a frolic session of singing and dancing. This merry-making Indian festival is also loaded with many signature delicacies. Indeed, without the desserts festivities seems incomplete and flavourless. 

A splash of the blue, bursts of red, a touch of yellow, and all covered in hues. This goes the same for your Holi dessert platter that should include a variation in the recipes and make it look all colourful. 

The festival of Holi also celebrates the victory of good over evil and aims to bridge gaps between communities by bringing everyone together. You can promote this social message of Holi by preparing delectable desserts and sharing the surge of sweetness with your loved ones. 

This Holi we bring you some unique recipes made with the goodness of sugar. You can either prefer the traditional route or try something completely new but we assure you of the Holi’s penchant for sugary delights. 

8 Unique Desserts Recipes Made With Madhur Sugar

  • Chocolate and Nuts Gujiya 

Something that you will always love to see in Holi is a delectable plate full of Gujiya’s wrapped in silver foils. But let’s give a twist to this traditional sweet dumpling of India. This is a full-proof way to satiate your cravings for chocolate and nuts. 

Replace the traditional ingredients of khoya, mawa, and jaggery with chocolate chips, nuts, and milk solids rolled in cinnamon sugar. With each bite, you will be loving the collaboration of the new ingredients especially the chocolates and nuts. Decorate the gujiya with chocolate sauce and silver foils to exhibit the difference in appearance too. 

  • Blueberry Mango Froyo Marble Bars

The regular creamy icecream may give you a bloated feeling after having it. So, this Holi, try something unique and new like the blueberry mango froyo marble bars. This sweet dessert is a much healthier and lighter option compared to the regular ice-cream. 

Moreover, it’s that perfect dessert that keeps you refreshing and cool during the summer days. The sizzling combination of blueberry lassi and mango lassi when refrigerated brings out the best hues on the platter just like the festival Holi. 

  • Pineapple Malpuwa

The oldest dessert that originated in the Indian subcontinent is the Malpuwa. We all love to devour the soft velvety Malpuwa dipped in sugar syrup. This dessert is par excellence with its rich ingredients like paneer, flour, and mawa. 

However, these sweet pancakes can be altered a little bit to make them more satisfying to the taste buds. Instead of serving this simply you can layer it with pineapple cream to add your touch of creativity. Your pineapple malpuwa is ready to be served for the guests. 

  • Coconut Mango Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is an Italian recipe that simply means a dessert cooked with the help of cream. If you are trying something new panna cotta is simply irresistible. There is a good mix of sugar, cream, and coconut milk along with gelatin. 

You can create another layer with mango pulp and gelatin. Once all these are refrigerated properly you can serve them in two separate layers of coconut and mango. Finally, you can garnish the panna cotta with some coconut shavings. 

  • Cheesy Blueberry Halwa

We are all familiar with Halwa, a delicious Indian pudding that is often made in Indian homes. The base ingredient varies between the pulses, wheat flour, or semolina that goes into the preparation. The cheesy blueberry halwa is a remarkable recipe with blueberry, semolina, cream cheese, and coconut. 

This little twist to the standard recipe adds gorgeous purple colour and distinctive flavour to the dish. For all the dessert lovers, this recipe is a must-try item this Holi. 

  • Thandai Cheesecake Mousse

Your Holi party seems incomplete without gulping down the traditional drink Thandai. So make this Holi different by serving a Thandai with a cheesecake mousse. This is a simple no-bake recipe reducing all your extra hassles. 

Prepare this dessert dish a day in advance and chill the cheesecake mousse overnight. The next day you can serve it just during the time of your Holi party. Also, add whipped cream with a gulkand flavour made from rose petals and sugar to give it an Indian touch. 

  • Peanut Coconut Jaggery Chikki

Peanut chiki is quite a popular Indian dessert snack that is health-wise nutritious and easy to prepare. These sweet bars that are prepared in the house are soft and easily melt away in the mouth. The peanuts add a crunchy texture making it taste really awesome and filling. 

This Holi recipe can be prepared in a unique way by adding palm sugar to it. Heat clarified butter and add jaggery and palm sugar to it. When it forms a thick syrup add peanuts and desiccated coconuts. Finally, when it cools down you can cut it into pieces and enjoy it for 7-8 days. 

  • Carrot Sabudana Kheer

Kheer is a constant favourite milk pudding for Indian festivities which is enjoyed by many. The conventional recipe includes ingredients like milk, rice, sugar, cardamoms, raisins, and nutty delights. To add a twist, you can replace rice with sabudana or sago with the addition of grated carrots to give a healthy touch of orangish hues. 

Sabudana when combined with milk, carrots, and nuts loads the pudding full of energy and carbohydrates. What’s interesting is that you can serve it as a dessert or even as an accompaniment to the puris. 

Bottom Line

There’s definitely something about the festival of colours that not only makes you playful but also gorge on appetizing desserts. With all these homemade versions of unique desserts, you can easily make your guests happy. 

Moreover, homemade recipes also let you enjoy these sweet delicacies without any guilt-tripping. With limited quantity sugar and best quality ingredients, you ensure preparing healthy desserts for everyone. Moreover, all these items are customized with unique ingredients that make them stand apart from the desserts available at the market.


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