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5 Sweet Drinks you need to try for your 'Summer Party' this year


5 Sweet Drinks you need to try for your 'Summer Party' this year

The summers are almost here! With the temperature rising in most parts of our tropical country, many of us will be seen running around for some cool respite. And rightfully so! While some might turn to food, others might like to keep themselves hydrated by going for liquids. And it is for the latter that we decided to put up this blog post.

Many of us like to refer to summery drinks that are non-alcoholic as mocktails. Just because they do not contain liquor does not mean that they are boring and a disaster for your taste buds. With the right quality and quantity of juices, herbs, sodas and syrups, you can create concoctions that will help keep your summer fun alive while ensuring you don't put on those extra calories.

Citrus Strawberry Mocktail

This is a refreshing pick for both a hot summer morning/afternoon and a breezy calm evening. 

Ingredients: 500 grams of strawberry, 1/2 cup orange, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/2 cup sparkling water, lemon slices as required, icing sugar as needed, ice cubes as required.

To prepare it, put sparkling water, orange, strawberries, and lime juice in a blender. Let the mixture blend till everything comes together as one.

Crush some ice cubes and put them into a bowl. Now take a glass, and wipe some lemon on its rim. Keep aside some lemon slices for garnish. You could also roll the glass rim in some icing sugar. Get the lemon garnish ready.

Put the pink pulp from the blender into the glass and serve chilled!

Mint Zing

If we are talking about summers and beating the sun with some chilled refreshing mocktails, it would be an offence not to include a mint recipe in this list. Tagging along are some cucumbers and green apples, which only make the ride better!

Ingredients: 70 grams green apple, 70 grams cucumber, a handful of mint, 60 ml apple syrup, Red Bull as needed

To make this drink, you need to shop for some tangy green apples and cucumbers. Once you have them in your kitchen, please put them in a blending jar with some apple syrup and blend till you get a smooth paste. 

Add half a Red Bull (it gives you wings, yes) to this apple-cucumber mix. 

Garnish with a mint twig or some chopped mint leaves. Make sure to always serve this drink chilled!

Recipe: Shiro Restaurant and Bar

Eye Opener

If you've been planning to go on a detox and do not wish to do away with your mocktails, this drink is for you. This wholesome drink is all set to drain your body of all the toxins and rejuvenate you with a flush of energy. After all, it's a blend of coconut water, ginger, turmeric, and carrots. Turmeric, filled with antioxidant properties, and ginger being an excellent herb for the stomach. 

Ingredients: 2 pinches of turmeric, 100 grams carrot, 10 grams ginger, 270 ml of coconut water, and ice cubes as required. 

To make this beverage, chop up your carrots on a board. Along with ginger, coconut water, and turmeric powder, add the carrots into a blender. Blend the mix at high speed till you get a smooth mixture. Once done, strain it and serve chilled in a glass.

Recipe by: Chef Ajay Chopra, Culinary Mentor, The Empresa Hotel

Mango Freeze

Just like mint, mangoes are the shining of the summery clouds. This fruit is so sought after that you have melas displaying hundreds of mango varieties in India's different parts!

Coupled with mangoes, this beverage calls for peach nectar, honey, and ice cubes! All set for the freeze, are you?

Ingredients: 3 mangoes, 1 cup ice cubes, 350 ml peach nectar, 1 tablespoon honey

To put together this beverage, all you need to do is combine all the ingredients as mentioned earlier and blend them in a mixer till the mixture is smooth. Yes, yes, we know - and serve chilled. How can we forget our own ground rule?

With this mocktail, you can finally put all the leftover mangoes to some great use!

And for our last mocktail, we have...

Cherries and Watermelon Slush! 

This is a simple drink that can be prepared in just under 15 minutes, using only five ingredients - cherries, watermelon, mint, lime juice, and water! Watermelon offers several vitamins and helps rehydrate the body. With the added goodness of cherries and mint, this yummy mocktail will be an instant superhit! If you've been longing to receive compliments from friends and family during your summer get-togethers, then this is the beverage to whip up.

Ingredients: 6 cup watermelon, 2 teaspoons mint, 2 cups cherry, 6 tablespoons lime juice, and 2 cups cold water

To make this lip-smacking drink, you need to add watermelon, cherries, mint, lime juice and water in a blender. Blend the mix at high speed until smooth.

Once done, transfer the mix into a container and chill it inside a refrigerator.

After it has chilled well enough, place the slush into decorative glasses and serve!


Gone are the days when one would only find mocktails at premier restaurants and hotels! These days, with every kitchen product finding its way home, anything is possible at your home. Just about anything, yes. 

So it's natural that when you invite guests over, be it friends or family or work colleagues, that they expect to be served with something unique, something that reflects your willingness to plate something tasty and healthy.

And that is why your itinerary for such evenings has to involve one or more of these mocktails we just told you about! If you find yourself longing for some additional sweetness in these drinks, make sure to add our finely processed, white, and sulphur-free Madhur Sugar. When you've put so much effort into your hosting night, why let the drinks be a let-down by using low-quality sugar. With our product, you only get to serve the best!

With this, we wish you a healthy, hearty liquidy summer! 



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