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3 Reasons why you should give up on your bitter choices and choose Madhur Sugar


3 Reasons why you should give up on your bitter choices and choose Madhur Sugar

In recent years, sugar has been given the name of a villain by those in the diet and nutrition industries. People are now constantly trying to avoid it on their plates. Overnight, added sugar has become the devil.

If you search 'benefits of sugar' on Google, your tab will be flooded with articles that make a huge hue and cry about how sugar needs to be banned from the face of this earth! While we get all the rage, we also believe that sugar does not deserve such harsh condemnation, given how essential it is to Indian kitchens.

Can you think of one festival where sugar wasn't involved? Where your parents didn't ask you to run down to the market to grab some sweets for the guests? We can't, and we can ascertain that you can't either.

We are here not to tell you that sugar will still work wonders for your health when consumed in excess. That it is the only magic potion your body needs. Too much of anything ain't healthy. The argument we are here trying to make is not aimed at making you gobble up loads of sweets. Instead, we are trying to share with you whatever benefits we know about added sugar when taken in moderation. And if our argument continues to rest on its firm ground till the end of this article, we hope we can nudge you to move in the direction of some sweet, away from the bitter.

Before we lay down some of the benefits of added sugar, we'd like for you to know our brand - Madhur Sugar - a little better. At Madhur Sugar, we believe in maintaining our product's purity, right from when the ripe sugarcanes are harvested until our sugar ends up in a container on your kitchen slab, ready to be sprinkled. It's only when what we have to offer you is pure that the memories created by our product are going to be limitless and cherishable.

Talking about purity, we follow a strict quality control procedure and sulphur-free refining process. No hands are involved in the refining and packaging process. Isn't that a relief, given the current pandemic ridden world we are living in?

To add to this, our refined white grains dissolve in a medium in absolutely no time, given the craftsmanship that goes into creating them. Also gone are the days when you'd have to run around, asking your relatives for ways to prevent your sugar from turning yellow. With Madhur Sugar, your sugar stays as white as when it arrived home.

With all of these qualities combined in a carefully packaged product, what you get are sugar grains, consistent in both size and taste! All set to be sprinkled on your next dessert with some love and health!

When the market seems to be flooded with tonnes of sugar brands, spread tightly across aisles, does it not feel good to know such essential and relevant information about a product? It does make one feel more at home with what they are purchasing and then putting on the plates. Well, that's our aim at Madhur Sugar.

Now that you seem to be more acquainted with our product let us understand some of its benefits better.

Sugar offers an immediate burst of energy (!!!)

Given the bleak world we are currently living in, where a virus has turned our lives upside down in a matter of a few days, we all could use a product that offers us some of that much-needed energy boost. And what better way to achieve it than to have some sugar on your plate.

Glucose is the fuel in our bodies, and it comes from sugar, once our digestive system has processed the latter. The insulin helps take this glucose to our cells, where it is metabolized and translated into energy.

The point to take away home from here is that in case you ever feel low on stamina, sugar will guide you home.

Sugar's energy can be stored for later

One might think that sugar is a short term solution with its sudden burst of energy. But the product is better prepared than you'd expect, thanks to the process of glycogenesis.

Once glucose has been converted into energy for immediate use, some of it is stored in the form of a chain due to the process of glycogenesis. The best bit about this process is that it serves us platters of energy for long periods without requiring us to eat anything.

Can you think of a time in your life when you needed to work but had absolutely no time to grab a meal? This is when all your glycogen chains might be coming in handy!

Sugar gives an instant boost to our mood

There's a reason behind every rom-com showing a character, when heartbroken, indulging in bucket loads of ice-cream or meandering through a supermarket, filling their baskets with some candies. And the reason is sugar!

Sugar tends to activate the pleasure pathway in our brain, resulting in the release of some much-needed dopamine, which further causes euphoria.

Well, this does not mean that all you eat is sugar to stay happy. This can backfire in the form of a sugar rush wherein your mood escalates and drops suddenly, resulting in feelings of lethargy, irritation, and sluggishness. If you ever find yourself overusing sugar, we'd suggest getting in touch with a health professional.

Sugar can help your skin

This is a significantly less known fact about sugar that the glycolic acid it contains can help you with your skin's quality! It eliminates blemishes and works wonders when it comes to maintaining the balance of your skin's oils.


Yes, sugar does offer a great deal of benefits, some of which we've talked about in length above. That being said, all of us come to this planet with unique bodies. So we would recommend you consult a nutritionist when looking at ways to incorporate sugar into your daily diet to stay on the safer and healthier side.


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