Purity Test

What makes Madhur 100% pure and hygienic?
Long ago, sugar was created by allowing sugarcane juice to evaporate, which would leave behind crystallized sugar. Modern sugar is put through a refining process that extracts the juice from sugarcane and then refines it into pure white crystals.

Madhur is refined without sulphur or other harmful chemicals. And, since the entire manufacturing operation is hands-free, Madhur is 100% pure, hygienic and complies with International Standards.

Madhur Purity Test

  • Pour 250ml of water into a clear drinking glass.
  • Pour 3 tsp of Madhur into the glass.
  • Stir the solution thoroughly with a spoon until the sugar completely dissolves into the water.
  • Inspect the dissolved sugar with a magnifying glass. Since it remains colourless and without any sediment, it proves that Madhur is pure and free of impurities.

Madhur Ageing Test

  • Store Madhur sugar in an airtight container.
  • Even after 18 months the sugar retains its sparking white colour.
  • Ordinary sugar turns yellow with age.